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Joan-Pere Viladecans
(Barcelona, 1948)

Self-taught painter and engraver. Since 1967, the year in which he started his career, he has done a long series of exhibitions, on a national as well as international level, and has participated in a great number of collective exhibitions for different European countries. The French government distinguished him with the "Chevalier dans l'Ordre des Arts et des Lettres" (Knight of the Order of Arts and of Letters) award (France, 1996) and he was one of the artists selected to represent the Generalitat de Catalunya (Catalonian Government) in the Catalonian Pavillion at the Expo '92 World Fair in Seville. Second prize from the Department of Culture (Madrid, 2003) and Award of Excellence from the Society for New Design (New York, 1997).

He exhibited for the first time in 1969, with very baroque artwork, in which there was a great fascination for the everyday object which became part of his artwork. This first stage was influenced by Surrealism and Informalism, by poetry and music. Throughout the seventies, a process of simplification developed, organized by constructive schemes which were basic and even symmetric, and which integrated new symbolic elements such as letters, words, and numbers. In the eighties, an intensification of color developed, accompanied by an appreciation of shape contours. Gradually, the symbolic language began losing geometrizing rigidity in order to dive into problematic issues concerned with nature, through a much more flexible, agile, and dynamic language. Currently, with iconography taken from the organic world, he attempts to explain the questions of existence with fundamentally monochromatic artwork.

The treatment of material based on thicknesses of paper pulp on cellulose impregnated with pigment and the concern for texture and orographic tissue are the main objectives of his investigation.

Apart from the artwork of his creation, Viladecans extends his artistic activities to the large number of orders he receives from entities, institutions, and companies, in the form of posters, book covers, book illustrations, lithographs, etc. He is also frequently requested to participate in debates and give his opinion on different topics, in painting as well as literary expression, as his writings in journalistic articles have a significant impact.

joan pere viladecans
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