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Viladecans. Symptoms and illnesses

This series of paintings is made up of twenty works of art, all in the same format, made with different techniques. This time Viladecans has used collage -in a broad sense- to perform a task in which the tactile nature and especially the relief that comes out of the paintings have an important role.

The artist's idea is to create, through very different textures and painting qualities, a world full of allusions that reach the public not only through the sense of sight, but also encourage the sense of touch and even smell. Each painting is different, although all are clearly linked in a coherent way through the elements represented, as well as by the ideas that are inferred.

On contemplating the works of art, the desire for nearing reality can be observed, through the testimonies of living beings close to the artist.

The presence of fingerprints, the notion of memory, as well as some of the photos incorporated into the paintings, help to understand it this way.


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