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Viladecans. Selected work 2008-2010

"Life is a set of knots, ropes tied with a lot of times and situations that, from difficulty, from obstacles or oppression, must be undone. And from this knot that pervades many of these works of art, we enter your most conceptual, hard, artistic stage, where memory and experience are fused together. I share with you the impossibility to explain a work of art in words. This is not the goal, in the same way as words, in this case, take away the value of the image. Sarcastic and ironic with traditional painting, you achieve maximum artistic force.

I woke up thinking about those two works of art which are the synthesis or summary of this idea of literary genres which you began in 2008, a cyclic task which makes sense when you see the result as a whole. I close my eyes and the first image that comes to mind is that of a blue canvas with an old frame and right in the middle, like an island resisting the sentence of being what we will never stop being: an in between of everything, this fragmented profile of white canvas pinned to the frame with the object that emerges and the profile delimited by the word "painting" in white. You have always projected a variety of paths with minimal elements represented, but in this case the dialog is conclusive. And I look back, to the year 1982, before that more lyrical and emotional time, but now the difference is that we can turn back even more time in order to retrieve some of the objects used.



Everyone can recognize these icons as literary images, with the qualities and conditions possessed by objects to make light and expand knowledge. The gesture becomes a kind of nucleus that brings us to the original convulsion. I see backgrounds worked on as if they were the skin of a reptile. The way of working with colors, the constant overlapping of different materials in order to find qualities at each step, at each gesture, at each reasoning."

Glòria Bosch

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