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Viladecans. Natural history

“The works of art by Joan-Pere Viladecans that are displayed in the exhibition hall of the Museu de Zoologia (Zoology Museum) of Barcelona do not represent a random selection of the already-known work of the author, but are part of a defined stage of his most recent artistic career. The paintings are in part derived from the life experience of the artist during his stays as an anonymous visitor to the Castell dels Tres Dragons (Castle of Three Dragons), the name known for the building where the museum is located.

Joan-Pere Viladecans has wandered the halls and has observed the different animal forms that are exhibited there without neglecting nor ignoring the old alliance between the studious men and their objects of study which are admired inside a natural history museum.

With the sincerity that is granted by the respect for beloved things, he has now invited us to experience the artistic result of the sensations received. Our surprise has been to discover, only over time, how an inconspicuous artist had been germinating his work without attracting the attention of anyone."

Francesc Uribe
Curator of the Museu de Zoologia (Zoology Museum) of Barcelona



"I like to call his painting cognitive, a painting that longs to be -if it could- rational reconstruction of natural processes. And, even more, Viladecans, committed as he feels to everything, which lives in harmony with each part, would also like to intervene as if he were a kind of anti-entropic agent which takes apart everything that nature itself tries to create, in my opinion, in a creative way as well.

I can see the necessity in the objectives of Viladecans' painting to formulate models of explanation which are alternative to those formulated by mathematicians, physicists, biologists, neuroscientists, artificial intelligence scholars, etc., as behind all his strokes and material, there is a flood of questions about the great secrets of the order of things, the organization of matter, life, sex, death, conflict, disorder, etc. Interrogatives, questions, willingness to discover and a multitude of emotions: fear, anger, or interest, but also strong doses of guilt and shame."

Sebastià Serrano

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