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Viladecans. Large format

[...] These large-format pieces, on paper which is expressly designed to evoke an organic effect, are the culmination of the journey that Viladecans has taken to the bottom of the chaos of existence, of life. Only professional challenge explains the strange characteristics of the format: immensity and texture. The texture created by the artist makes him expose himself, without any type of safety net, to the risk of error. [...] The fact that Viladecans chose a support that shows and catches any error in his work, means that he persists in the lack of petulance that was detected in the beginning of his art career. [...] Viladecans has enough with being natural, to distance himself from the artist that acts as a substitute priest or as an expression of a lost genius.

[...] Also, the choice of such a large format, as well as the choice of the texture, is initially a professional challenge. [...] There is the recognition that the conventional size of the paintings did not let the painter explain the journey that he was taking. [...] The immensity of space is the logical consequence of the exploration of the chaos of nature and biology. It is the realization that reason cannot mark a limited area anymore. These enormous pieces are pieces of the continent of life. Fragments of a whole. The artist has understood that his journey of exploring existence cannot be isolated anymore, like a cell, in the laboratory of creation.



[...] These enormous paintings exude, in essence, the history of life as we humans perceive it regardless of the theories that would like to organize it. A confusing, contradictory, inexhaustible life, which sucks us in a spiral, which persists beyond our cultural hopes and our illnesses, which transforms and builds up beyond the landscapes we have seen and will see.

Antoni Puigverd

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