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Viladecans. Heritage and Memory

Heritage and Memory is a series of paintings dedicated to the topic proposed by the title itself. The ideas of heritage and memory arise in a great number of occasions, usually related to the culture of a country, but here Viladecans makes an allusion to the concept of life itself as something that is common to all living beings and which should be preserved by memory. Thanks to memory, references to the past are stored in our brain, which are constantly related to more recent experiences. The idea that is derived is that of the elasticity of time, and that is precisely what Viladecans represents in his paintings, which can be understood as a true receptacle of images of the past and present, expressed to the viewer simultaneously.

Each one of the works of art has, however, its own title, through which the viewer can partly and immediately understand its theme. Nevertheless, as with the series of paintings Symptoms and illnesses, there are aspects of the works of art that remain a mystery and a detailed observation is needed to be able to interpret them properly.



The techniques used by the artist to resolve these paintings are very diverse and complex. Viladecans inserts photographs that have been digitally manipulated with the aim of achieving specific qualities of light and color. He also uses different degrees of rust to achieve certain colors and textures. Sometimes he burns certain areas of the painting surface, in order to obtain a worn effect that gives the viewer the feeling that they are vestiges of the past.

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