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Viladecans. 365-days

"This exhibition reflects the view of Viladecans over a period of time, from a year of his own life. In this regard, this exhibition is a diary. In the world of literature, the diary, the collection of views on this conventional period of time, which is 365 days, has a long tradition. The turn of the year is a metaphor for many things: of time being circular, a perpetual re-beginning, a perpetual decline. Springs and autumns, winters and summers: a year is a conventional cycle of life, but it is also a real circle where everything is contained, everything begins again. Viladecans explains a year to us, from his viewpoint. He gives us the text and the context, the work and the circumstance. It is not an exercise, in the calligraphic, academic sense of the term. It is an essential stroke, a meaningful gesture.

This exhibition is neither a series nor an anthology. Its theme is neither a life nor a subject. Its theme is the passing of time. But it is, above all and even more, the force and persistence of a view. A view that is constructed, mature and profound, the view of someone who has vocation and reflection behind him, but also enthusiasm and ambition. And a view is exactly that. On the one hand, his own view of reality. On the other hand, the spectacle of the eyes -that is, vocation and intelligence- that see.”

Vicenç Villatoro


"The exhibition does not intend to review, with remarkable illustrations, the career of an artist who might be subjected to a meticulous historiographic description. This option does not correspond to his perspective, which is addressed to the future more than to the past. On the contrary, it intends to reflect the intensity with which an artist like him lives, established and experienced, upon arriving each day at his study and spending hours and hours thinking and acting. We have devoted a year to accompanying him and reviewing the results, while demythologizing a cold, blunt view of his work methodology, which we would like to define with the reasonings of provoked tension for constant research and immersion in opening doubts and uncertainties about procedures, as well as a growing need to link painting to the beat of contemporary life."

Josep-Miquel Garcia

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